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Oh wow Morrigan

I checked it out in hopes that Dante will do something ridiculous and how it was going to be pulled off -- but instead Morrigan totally stole the spot light. I was laughing off my seat and I am amazed at the voice actor totally got that sort of tone and personality. Good job there!

I also looooovvee the animation and I how Ryu and Gouki's intense showdown felt like there was some sort of wrong tension going on, the way Ryu's eyes were shining and glowing. But once again was disturbed by Morrigan and I just can't stop laughing at all her reactions. Even at Mordok hahahahaha

Good job guys~ please do more stuff like these <3

Oh man

The moment he said "Tentacles" the first thing that popped in my head is Tentacle Rape hahaha and his face gives away he has something sinister in mind, he has this plastered (:J) on his face.

I love the animation and the sound (albeit too low at times?) but great job :D

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It's nice but....

There's something about this game that is solid in concept but doesn't hold my attention for so long. I mean it's beautiful, the music is great (though is it me or it only has one track?) , the graphics are well animated and the writing is pretty nice.

But...It failed to hold my attention at all because of the repetitiveness. It became dull and boring fast because nothing really changes. I lasted until the Observatory but by then, I was already feeling how it's just very repetitive. I don't know if it's the controls or just me but I finally called it quits even thought I wanted to know more.

Overall, it's a pretty nice game, please don't give up just yet :D

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I would be extremely surprised if this is not accepted in OCRemix! It's absolutely fantastic.

I love this! Even tho it doesn't strike me as nordic at first, I like the composition :D

I was looking for some music for my game and I was wondering if I could find a track that is near to what I want. When I saw the title and saw that it's a remix of Here Comes the Bride, I didn't really expect to use it...

But damn this was beautiful to hear and made me think that it just made the scene in my head 1000x more powerful. Great work, sir!

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Chaos Legion ;_;

Oh man, it's been a while since I saw Chaos Legion fanart! I love this piece so much. The only thing I dislike about it is Sieg's face, perhaps it's the position of the lips that's bothering me.

I like chocolate :)


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